Samstag, 17. März 2012

hey fellow bloggers/followers/subscribers on my youtube channel..

what do you think about the whole kony2012 thing? .. to be honest, its very sad what this man is doing, but hes doing it 30years.. and hes not the only man in africa doing such things, very overhyped in my opinion..
you need just one, emotional video with a child in it.. and everyone follow up and listen to it like its 100% legit..

some people say the donations for 'kony2012' are not save in the hands of 'invisble children', what are you think about that? where is the money going?

yesterday the maker of the "kony2012" video was arrested for masturbating in public, can we take this guy serious?

whats your opinion about the whole thing? its freaking me out.. everyone on facebook post it, without any idea of the situation there.


  1. This has blown up way to much, and I heard only like 30% of the donations actually go to Africa.

  2. No one actually knows if he still is in Uganda even.